Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)


CBT Training Course Contents

Course cost from £130*

Course includes
1. The importance of wearing the correct clothing and equipment.
2. Becoming familiar with the machine controls and how they work.
3. Using the centre and side stands correctly.
4. Being able to carry out basic machine safety checks before riding.
5. Moving off and stopping, smoothly and safely.
6. Changing gear competently.
7. Being able to ride slowly under control when needed.
8. Learning how to carry out an controlled stop quickly and safely.
9. Practicing simulated left and right turns using a safe system of observations.

Having successfully completed all the off-road elements of the motorcycle Compulsory Basic Training, (CBT) a full ‘riding on the road’ briefing will take place, before going on road for a minimum of two hours at the end of which a Certificate of Completion (DL196) will be issued to those who demonstrate safe bike control and good road awareness.

*Conditions apply

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