Beginner Course

Day 1
The course will start with Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) where you will be trained to a safe basic level after which you will be issued with a Certificate of Completion (DL196). In many ways this is the most important part of your course. A good standard achieved at this stage will ensure that the rest of your course runs smoothly.

Day 2
Today is a machine control day. We spend time practicing, and improving on, the skills learnt at CBT level in preparation for Day 3 when A2 and Direct Access students will upgrade to a larger machine. Plenty of time spent road riding today to improve your confidence!

Day 3
This is when A2 and Direct Access students (see ‘The Law’) will upgrade to a 500 or 600cc machine. Emphasis again is on becoming familiar and confident with the larger machine so you are more comfortable for Day 4 when we start training you for the Tests. Again, plenty of road work.

Day 4
Today we train towards your Module One Test. We will also cover many miles of Module Two training during the road-ridng part of the day around the Lee-On-The-Solent area which is where the Test Centre is based.

Day 5
Last chance for some Module One practice before leaving the centre, with Module Two practice on the way to the test centre for both tests. (You may take Module Two another day if you wish. This does incur a further fee)