Benjamin Jones

Hi Guys,

Sorry this took so long to get back to you – work has been unrelenting! My testimony for your site – have also rated you 5* on google and left a similar review. Feel free to use.

All the very best

Benjamin Jones
The Foot Doctor

“Fantastic Team; Guys took me from having Zero confidence & experience to a full A license. After a free taster session I was confident to enough to sign up to do the CBT. As getting time off for work is a real challenge I had to wait before I could complete the CBT. One I had the CBT it was back to getting the theory which I organised myself, but the ART Ltd team were keen to helpmeet get organised if I wanted to go through them.

After I got the CBT & Theory sorted I had not been on a bike for about 2 months and was feeling rusty. I took the 4 days intensive course, and after 2 days on the 125cc I was on the 600cc. It was a jump, but the team were brilliant. They build your confidence and continuously demonstrate areas where your going wrong and how to break bad habits and to “Put the Car Drive back in the Box” which is so hard when you’ve been driving for 10yrs in a metal box!

By day 4 I was on a 600cc and aside from confidence being a little shaky I pass with two minors on each section – pretty good for a complete novice. The team will train you to above test standard, all you have to do is listen to what they say and repeat back to yourself what they’ve asked you to do. After you’ve done this a few times it really sinks in and the trick is to get the actions into muscle memory.

In short, Thank-you guys – Now the hard part – finding a bike and trying to not to spend all my money on it and bike related equipment. Fully recommend the service.”

Course June 2015

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