Ben R

If you are looking to learn to ride a bike and pass the requisite tests to get out on the road then you really should give these guys a call. It’s not just about ‘what’ they do, which is to educate and train you to understand and use a motorcycle to a safe and competent standard but it’s about ‘how’ they do it. All the guys are friendly, engaging and take the time to understand their pupils and understand how they learn best, matching the teaching methods to that to ensure the best chance of success.
Not only did I pass my full bike test first time after 3 days intensive training from not having ridden anything above a 125cc 20 years ago but I had a ton of fun over the course of the 4 days (even the tests were enjoyable because I felt so well prepared!) and I said goodbye having felt I’d made some new friends who I’m looking forward to showing my new bike in a few days time and hopefully keeping in touch with in the future.
Don’t phone around. Just phone Assured!

From Facebook rating. Course Jan 2016

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