John J

Dear Mike

Just a few lines to express my thanks to all at Assured Rider Training for helping me to achieve a first-time motorcycle test pass.

From my first contact with you over the telephone I have found you extremely helpful, giving me all the information needed in a concise and friendly way. On my assessment I was welcomed and I felt confident riding around the car park.

Completing my CBT was a great experience under the instruction of both Lee and Andy, who were both able to impart knowledge and confidence firmly, yet able to make it a happy and light-hearted day.

The three day Direct Access course enabled me to build on the CBT experience. Pete was exceptionally patient and his professionalism shone through. Although he was always prepared to give me a telling off, it was always done with a smile on his face, and a good explanation, after all safety was his paramount concern. During the course, and on the test itself, it rained heavily. It was not ideal conditions but, importantly, I was able to learn additional wet riding skills and for that I was greatful. On the test day, I was slightly apprehensive before riding, but I knew as soon as I was on the bike that I had the confidence and ability to successfully complete the test, which I duly did.

Finally I would like to thank your son Pete, whose knowledge and patience at Hein Gericke, with the purchase of helmet, boots, gloves and clothing was very welcome. He was particularly helpful and I hope his racing gives him much success and enjoyment in the future

Once agin, many thanks to all at Assured Rider Training

John J

Course in April 2004

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