Mark R

After having an hour free rider assessment with Lee I was encouraged by the feedback and comments and had gained a lot of confidence in ART. I signed up for a 3.5 day course on Lee’s advice (I already had an A1 license for a 125). The extra half a day was definitely beneficial to get used to the larger bike. It has been said before but I wholly agree that ART teach you to ride a bike properly not just how to pass the test. The slow speed control you are taught provides you with the means to ride a larger bike with confidence as you know you are able to control the power. What became apparent talking to other students during the course was how the instruction is not generic and how Lee tailored his instruction to address the varying needs and abilities of each student. Yes you get shouted at, and it is tough at times but also thoroughly enjoyable and the feeling when you pass is awesome! The best advice I can give is listen to everything they tell you very carefully, you’ll probably be told the same thing over and over but good practices become natural surprisingly quickly. Thank you so much for your time, expertise and patience. Mark R, Alresford

I will call by soon when I get my new bike.


Course taken June 2017

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