Simon H

Hi Mike,

Just thought I’d write a note to show my appreciation and perhaps do a bit of a testimonial to help others learn more about the experience at Assured Rider Training.

For some time now I have wanted to pass my full road bike test. I’ve ridden motocross for some years and loved being on two wheels.

Having looked around, I found Assured Rider Training to be the most complete package to get the job done. Perfect facilities, all the required equipment including the bikes of course and most importantly well qualified and friendly instructors.

I got through my theory test with a reasonable amount of highway code revision and started my course. To be fair, I didn’t do very well at all during my CBT training on the first day, but the Assured Rider Training instructors persevered and got me through it. By the second day, things just started to click into place and I realised how much I was enjoying the training.

When you first get on a 500cc bike, it feels fantastic, that “this is what I’ve been waiting for” feeling! The Assured Rider Training instructors went on to make sure I was more than ready for my test and I now have my full bike license.

I can’t praise the guys enough, no matter the challenge, they get the job done. Thanks to them I’m realising a lifelong dream and loving every moment I get to go out on the bike.

Special thanks go out to Dene and Lee who know exactly how to get you through that test! Thanks again Mike and to all those out there who aren’t sure, you’ll be glad you gave these guys a call!

Kind regards,
Simon Harrison.

Course in September 2011

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