Tracey D

Hi Mike and Lee

Just want to thank you both again for getting me through my ‘big’ bike test – I still can’t believe I’ve done it!

My other half (Matt) didn’t believe it either when I finally told him what I’d been up to! I literally had to show him all my pass certificates! Thankfully, he was dead chuffed, and has been helping me to find a new bike.

So, my little CBR125 has now been sold (to Tony Pang), who I believe is doing his CBT with you!), and I’ve just bought an ’05 Suzuki GS500F with only 1600 miles on it, pic attached. Not the most exciting of bikes maybe, but nevertheless it’s a beauty, my feet actually reach the ground comfortably, and it should be a great bike to develop my riding skills on. I’ve sorted the insurance today so will be out on it this evening, can’t wait!

I’ll ride over to the portacabin sometime to say hello…just don’t ask me to do a figure-of-eight again!

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for your support, patience and absolutely brilliant tuition. I will continue to recommend ART to anyone I meet (even those who don’t know yet that they want to ride a bike:-)).

See you all soon

Tracey D

Course in June 2009

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